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Family Mediation

SONY DSCWhen problems in partnership arise and the couple decides to separate, a mediator registered by the Ministry of Justice, Míša Kopalová mediates between them. With 11 years of legal practice and at the same time a coach certified by Erickson College International based in Canada, Míša is experienced in handling cases of expats with Czech partners.

“Impartiality, justice and the best interests of the child
are at the heart of my values.”  

Míša Kopalová

5 Reasons Why to Solve Breakup by Mediation

1) Price

Save money compared to a lawyer – at mediation you have to know what you want and not what the law provides. You don´t have to schedule any action, everything is solved verbally and mediator is in charge of drafting an agreement.

2) Freedom

You have the future of your relationship with your children fully in your hands – you can get to an agreement according to your wishes and not according to what is usually decided by the judge who will be assigned.

3) Own Responsibility

You have full control over the date, time, place and circumstances of the meeting – you will not be summoned by any state authority.

4) Confidentiality

You will be not a party to “washing dirty linen in public“ in an open court. Mediation takes place behind closed doors, where nobody has the right to enter unless you wish for. The mediator is bound by strict confidentiality.

5) Feelings & Emotions Allowed :-)

You can express your emotions – you are welcome to do so! Mediation provides a space not only for the regulation of future relations, but also for the mutual understanding of your attitudes, feelings and opinions.


Mediation Q & As

1) Is mediation equally effective in protecting my rights as compared to a trial?

Although mediation is far more pleasant than the trial process, the result is the same – legally binding and enforceable document, which is the agreement, not a judgment. This agreement must be approved by the court or registered by a notary and then it is enforceable in the same way as a judgment.

2) Why should I believe in something which does not have a tradition as compared to a court trial in the Czech Republic?

Because it has been working well elsewhere in the world, already for dozens of years in Anglo-saxon countries as well as in all EU countries. The success of mediation in family matters is normally 65-70%, while differences in speed between reaching an agreement in mediation and judgment in court proceedings can be counted in months or years.

3) What is the cost of mediation?

To reach an agreement usually requires 3-5 meetings. One meeting usually lasts 3 hours. The hourly rate for mediation in English is CZK 1 500, which is about 20% of the normal hourly rate of legal service in English.

4) Why should I choose you as mediator?

I am a registered mediator with both legal education and coaching certification + practice. This allows me to focus on the human and inter-personal dimension of the dispute as well as to handle the legal issues at a professional level. I am married and raise 3 children together with my husband, so I have a lot of experience in disputes within family myself.

5) Where I find you?

You can find me at Podbabská Street 20 on the 6th floor (MANOFI MEDIATION OFFICE, room no. 601). You can also reach me by phone at +420 737 951 323 and e-mail, where you can get free advice how to convince your partner to undergo mediation.