July 3, 2015


Currently, more than ever before, when asked to advise on brand vision and company culture, I find myself stepping outside … » continue

April 17, 2015


Simon Sinek’s popular book “Start With Why” (widely translated and available throughout Central Europe) advises company leaders to start with … » continue


Brand management

MANOFI specializes in employer branding, brand strategy and management. In other words, we help to identify a company’s image so that the market perceives it as envisioned and proper people with corresponding talent are ready to join.

Successful employer branding makes recrutiment process much easier. It helps to attracts right people to work in a company and be ideally even its passionate “brand ambassadors” for long time. With a holistic approach to employer branding and brand management, we help companies to decrease costs for both human resources and marketing.

Our efforts in brand establishment are equivalent to defining a new word, new vision and new strategy. You bring us the new word (your company with its vision), and we work closely together to ensure that its definition is clean and precise so that the world and especially people inside the company can understand. Choosing proper words and imagery to position your idea closer to the customers is apart of our skill set.

Whether you’re a start-up wanting to position yourself accordingly with a well-represented identity and communication, a company looking to update and rebrand its image, or a business looking to launch a new employment policies or service line, we are here to help.

However, the brand establishment is not enough. The most important is further action oriented strategy and its implementation of the brand values inside the organisation. Employer branding process will help you to achieve that.

Why we do this? Because we believe that all brands must start within in order they can be trusted.